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StarLogo Nova is the new online iteration of StarLogo, following in StarLogo TNG's footsteps. StarLogo Nova builds upon TNG's innovations, with several language refinements and new features, including:

Createedit, and run games and simulations right in the browser, no installation necessary.
Share projects in public galleries for the world to see.
Collaborate on projects with other users.
Incorporate your own sounds and Collada format 3D models into your projects.
Organize code more clearly, with all runtime code now placed on breed pages.
Program agent interactions more easily with new Detection blocks.
Customize your breeds with user-created traits like energy, health, lives, inventory, etc.
Easily work with hundreds of agents, even on older computers or Chromebooks.
With no predefined agent limits, create 10,000 agents or more on powerful computers.


A new look! Introducing our new logo and mascot: the StarLogo Turtle riding a fireball to adventure! Also, there have been many updates to widgets and the execution engine. Click "Edit Widgets" and then "New Widget" to create new widgets, or double-click an existing widget (or its title bar, if it's a graph) to change its properties. Procedures with parameters, and local variables, now work in recursive calls and in the "do" part of Create-Do blocks. Also, compilation is much faster, and projects with a lot of agents run up to 2x faster!

Coming soon: video tutorials!

Contact the Imagination Toolbox team at MIT STEP if you would like us to email you a couple of print tutorials to help you get started.

MIT STEP is pleased to offer several professional development opportunities at MIT this summer. Check the Workshops page for more information.

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